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Watch Cam Newton at his best for the Panthers

Carolina Panthers say QB Cam Newton can seek trade
Quarterback and Cam and Newton and "pounds" and the and Miami and Dolphins and in and a and spectacular and performance and for and the and Carolina and Panthers, and throwing and four and touchdown and passes and and and running and for and 95 and yards and in and his and side's and 45-21 and win.

Newton and has and been and released and by and the and Panthers and after and nine and years and with and the and franchise.

It will be held from 23-25 April in a television studio, with players interviewed via video conference.
The draft was due to take place in Las Vegas and the NFL had already cancelled all public events.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said it "can serve a very positive purpose for our clubs, our fans, and the country".
He added: "There is no assurance that we can select a different date and be confident that conditions will be significantly more favourable than they are today."
The NFL draft is one of the biggest events in the United States' sporting calendar, with all 32 teams recruiting talent from the American collegiate system amid wall-to-wall media coverage.
About 500,000 fans attended last year's draft in Nashville.

Both the AFC and NFC will add a seventh team for the post-season, but only the top seed in each conference will get a first-round bye instead of the top two.

The new format had needed approval from three-quarters of the 32 NFL owners during a conference call.

It means there will be six matches across wildcard weekend in January 2021 instead of four in the previous format.

The second seed will host the seventh seed, the third seed will host the sixth seed and the fourth seed will host the fifth seed.

It is understood a collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players' union allowed for the play-off expansion to be put to a vote.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning Super Bowl champions, after beating the San Fransisco 49ers 31-20 in Miami in February.

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