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'PCB chairmen are temporary, Umar Akmal is permanent'

PCB chairmen are temporary, Umar Akmal is permanent'
The 41-year-old claimed that the chairmen of the PCB keep changing while Umar Akmal remains a constant in the Pakistan national side.

“When he [Umar Akmal] is not performing and keeps coming back to the side, it seems to me that his contacts are the only reason. What are the chairman of the PCB and other officials doing in this regard? Why is no one asking selectors why he keeps coming back despite all his controversies. PCB chairmen keep changing but Umar Akmal keeps coming back. Nobody is asking why he keeps coming back after so many chances. I can guarantee that if he gets banned for six months, he will be back as soon as his ban is over. Umar Akmal should not be allowed to come back into the side under any circumstances,” Tanvir said.

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Tanvir recapped the latest incident that has put the struggling batsman in trouble right before the PSL.

“Umar Akmal’s issue is on the forefront nowadays. We know that a day before the PSL, Umar Akmal was not allowed to play for the Quetta Gladiators franchise. He was being investigated for meeting or talking to a bookie. The article 2.4.4 of the PCB’s anti-corruption code clearly states that withholding information in case a bookie approaches you is against the rules and could result in a six-month or a life ban,” he said.

The former cricketer was baffled how no one was asking why the controversial batsman was provided with so many opportunities.

Australia’s legendary former leg-spinner Shane Warne, in a YouTube video, revealed former batsman Greg Chappell’s secret to picking up the almost unplayable wrong one bowled by Pakistan’s former leg-spinner, who passed away recently, Abdul Qadir.

The 50-year-old recalled how Australia had to play six left-handers because the right-handers couldn’t pick up Qadir’s wrong one other than Chappell and he refused to reveal his secret.

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Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for forgiving players involved in spot-fixing.

While speaking in a YouTube video, Miandad stated that such players should be hanged for bringing their country name into disrepute.

“Players who are involved in spot-fixing should be severely punished. These things go against the teachings of our religion [Islam] and should be treated accordingly,” he said. “The people who bring these players back should be ashamed of themselves.”   

“PCB is not doing the right thing by forgiving them. Spot-fixers should be hanged because it is similar to killing someone and so the punishment should also be on the same lines. An example should be set so that no players even thinks about doing something like this,” he added.

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He further stated that these activities are not acceptable on humanitarian grounds.  

Former Indian opener Aakash Chopra has named his all-time Pakistan One-day International (ODI) side, comprising of 12 players, based on their effectiveness in the 50-over format.

Chopra picked elegant left-hander Saeed Anwar and Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbas as the opening pair.  

“Saeed Anwar was an extremely elegant player and had the temperament to play long innings. He was a match-winner and, as Indian fans, we were scared of him because he could hurt you with his batting,” said Chopra. “Alongside Anwar, I would pick Zaheer Abbas who was also a magnificent player.”  

Former Pakistan captains Inzamamul Haq and Javed Miandad were slotted in at number three and four positions, respectively.

“Inzamam was a top-class player despite some fitness concerns. He was equally good against, both, spin and pace,” he said. “Javed Miandad was also a fantastic player and his bat used to move like a hockey stick. He was good at milking singles but also had the ability to hit big shots.”

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Captain of Pakistan’s triumphant 1992 World Cup side, Imran Khan, and flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi were also included in the side.

“Imran Khan was a great leader and quality all-rounder,” he said. “Shahid Afridi was a hit and miss, generally, in the batting department but he became a really effective bowler as his career progressed. He was also a good fielder.”

Moin Khan was selected as the team’s wicketkeeper while all-rounder Abdul Razzaq, who is considered by many as Pakistan’s finest finisher, also managed to get on the list.

“Moin Khan was a safe bet behind the stumps and had a good understanding of the game. His continuous chatter from behind the stumps made it things difficult for the person batting,” he said. “I would include Abdul Razzaq at number eight. He was a good bowler but more importantly he taught players how to play big shots by clearing your front leg.”

Legendary fast-bowling trio of Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shoaib Akhtar were also part of this elite list of players. Meanwhile, Saqlain Mushtaq was picked as the team’s only front-line spinner.

“Wasim Akram was a complete package. He was good at bowling with the old ball or the new ball while also scoring quick runs with the bat,” he said. “Waqar Younis was another match-winner especially because of his reverse-swing.”

“Saqlain is my one front-line spinner because you already have Shahid Afridi in the side. He was a very good bowler and was the inventor of Doosra,” he added. “Finally I will include my good friend Shoaib Akhtar in the list.”

Aakash Chopra’s all-time Pakistan XII

Saeed Anwar, Zaheer Abbas, Inzamamul Haq, Javed Miandad, Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, Moin Khan, Abdul Razzaq, Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq, Waqar Younis, Shoaib Akhtar.

“I will explain this from a spiritual perspective because players who do spot-fixing and gambling are not sincere with their parents and family members. These activities are not good at all on humanitarian grounds and such people don’t deserve to live,” he said. “It is so easy for players to get involved in these corrupt practices, make money and then come back into the side through their sources.”

He urged cricketers to make a name for themselves by performing well on the field rather than adopting such corrupt practices.

“Cricket is game which spread happiness. When you score a hundred the entire nation celebrates it. When we won the World Cup, the entire world praised us,” he said.

“I remember Greg Chappell. Abdul Qadir was out in Australia and they picked six left-handers against him because the right-handers couldn’t pick his wrong one. He would show you one and then bowl the other. Greg Chappell had no issues with it. Everyone asked ‘Greg what is it?’ and he wouldn’t tell them,” Warne said.

Chappell finally revealed that his secret to playing the wrong one came from the facial expressions of Qadir before bowling the lethal wrong one.

“In the end he told them. He said what he does when he is about to bowl a wrong one that nobody can pick and everyone struggles against, he has got a huge smile on his face. It’s true. He had this big smile on his face when he was about to bowl one of those wrong ones that no one was able to pick,” he concluded.

“Many people claim that Umar Akmal had a lot of talent including myself. Misbah gave him another chance in 2019 in which he couldn’t perform. Did no selector from his debut in 2009 till now realise that he, even with his talent, is not capable of being in the national side because he cannot do justice to his talent? He keeps making comebacks. Are their people behind the scenes who have been pressurising selectors to include Umar Akmal. He goes back to the domestic cricket, makes one or two hundreds and comes back. Talented players spend their entire lives performing and don’t get a chance,” he said.

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