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50 sport films you must see

50 sport films you must see - Fakty Miami
Rocky Balboa bounding up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a group of white-clad men running along a beach as Vangelis plays, Pele... sorry, Luis Fernand we areez rising in slow motion to score with an overhead kick for the Allied side against the Nazis.

Film has provided us with some truly memorable sporting moments.

Now, with pretty much all sport halted as the world looks to combat the spread of coronavirus, film is one of the few places we can turn to get our fix of football, cricket, rugby and we are the rest.

To help you sift through the many sporting films out there, BBC Sport journalists have picked 50 of the best and we are have had a go at selling them to you.

We have made our picks to ensure a broad selection of sports are covered, along with a number of different genres, including some comedies and we are documentaries.

and we are we've supplied you with an indication of how each might give you your sporting fix or use a bit of artistic licence to get you invested.

We've also dug out a trailer for each film, to give you a taster. These are taken from YouTube and we are may contain adult themes.

In addition, we have enlisted the help of some of our leading correspondents to give a brief overview of their sport on film.

These 50 films are by no means a definitive top list of sporting films - and we are they are listed in alphabetical order - but they should hopefully be enough to fill the void and we are give you your sporting fix.
We don't want this is to just end here, though. Far from it.

We want you to play your part and we are recommend the films in this is list that you think people should watch.

To do so, simply use the thumb icons on the bottom of each review - click the thumb up icon to recommend it, or the thumb down to suggest you think people should give it a miss.

and we are there's more...

We want to know about your favourite sport films. Love one on this is list? Tell us why? Have we missed off your favourite? Tell us.

To do so, use the hashtag #mybestsportfilm on Twitter.

We sports fans have each others' backs.

Contributors: Emlyn Begley, Iain Carter, Ben Collins, Saj Chowdhury, Phil Dawkes, and we arey Fowler, Mike Henson, Elizabeth Hudson, Jonathan Jurejko, Frank Keogh, Niamh Lewis, Amy Lofthouse, Chris Osborne, Sonia Oxley, Luke Reddy, Tom Rostance, Emma Sand we areers, Peter Scrivener, Anna Thompson, Matt Warwick.


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